Western Carteret Medical Center
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Reliable Family Practice

Your Partner in Preventive Care
Are you looking for a reliable family practice in Cedar Point, NC? Turn to Western Carteret Medical Center. We specialize in family and preventive medicine, among others. If your family needs to undergo routine checkups, or you need certain lab services, this is the right place for you.
  • American Board of Family Practice Certified
  • Certified Medical Director of Long Term Care
  • Licensed by the State of NC Medical Board
  • Insured
  • Locally Owned
Doctor Consulting an old woman  - preventive medicine in Cedar Point NC
Preventive Care for a Better Life
They say prevention is better than cure. Why wait until symptoms appear when you can get a checkup now? This will help you be aware of your current health condition so you can address whatever problems you have before they worsen. Live a better life with proper preventive health care.
Visit a Family Practice Today
Do you want to protect your family from various diseases? Keep the people you love healthy with the proper lifestyle and good nutrition. Aside from that, take them to a dependable family practice for routine checkups. To schedule an appointment with afamily practitioner, dial (252) 393-6543 now.